CEO's Message

Samyang Biopharm started out as the pharmaceuticals department of Samyang Corporation and was spun off as a corporate
body in 2011. Since then, we established a future-oriented vision, ‘Value Creative Pharma Company’ and committed ourselves
to exceling in 21st century’s key sector of Red Biotechnology.

In order to achieve this vision, Samyang Biopharm will dedicate itself to developing new products to lead the medical trend and
expand the company’s portfolio based on anticancer drugs & DDS in the pharmaceutical sector.

Furthermore, Samyang Discovery Center, equipped with high-tech R&D facilities, was completed in Pangyo Techno Valley innovative
in April 2016. We are confident that it will become the mecca of R&D and the foundation that will allow us to grow into an biomedical

President Eom Tae-Woong