Investment and partnerships

Samyang Research Corporation (Subsidiary)

Samyang Research Corporation (SRC), a subsidiary of Samyang Biopharm, was established in
2002 in Utah, USA, to enter the overseas pharmaceutical/bio businesses. Networking with U.S.
drug/bio and biotechnology-related pharmaceutical firms, venture firms, research institutes,
hospitals, and universities, SRC not only gathers relevant information but also pursues diverse
projects designed to introduce technologies and products, and to conduct joint research.
In addition, it pushes to export Samyang Biopharm’s own DDS not only to North America,
including USA, but also to South America.
  • Location: New York City, New York, USA


BiopolyMed, a biotech company established in May 2001 (CEO: Park Myeong-ok), is using PEG technologies and is developing biomedicines and diverse drug delivery system technologies.
  • Location

     : Korea University Industry-Academia Hall (Room 711, Industry-Academic Hall, Korean University Natural
       Science Campus, Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul)

  • CEO : Park Myeong-ok
  • Proprietary technology : PEGylation
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Established in 2001, Akina is a drug delivery system venture firm (CEO: Park Gi-nam) engaging in the development of diverse drug delivery systems.
  • Location : 1291 Cumberland Avenue, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906, USA
  • CEO : Park Gi-nam
  • Proprietary technology : FDT (fast-dissolved tablet) and other drug delivery systems
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Established in January 2000 by Chungnam National University Professor Seong Chang-geun
(CEO of the firm), the firm engages in the manufacture and sales of eco-friendly agricultural
materials (biological pesticides, functional nutrients, microbial preparations, organic fertilizers),
foods (ginseng processed products), and eco-friendly agricultural-product distribution
(functional rice).
  • Location : Agriculture Bioscience & Biotechnology center, Chungnam University, Gung-dong, Yusung-Gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • CEO : Sung Chang-Keun
  • Proprietary technology : Microbial product development
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Established in December 1998 by Dr. Kim Jae-hun, who majored in plant tissue culture and
transformation at Tokyo Metropolitan University, this firm has developed a high production
system for wild ginseng roots, and is endeavoring to commercialize wild ginseng roots.
  • Location : 422, Palbok-dong 3-Ga, Deokjin-Gu, Jeonju-Si, Jeollabuk-Do, Korea
  • CEO : Lee Jae-Sook
  • Proprietary technology : Plant Cell Culture Technology
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AP Technologies

AP Technology Co. is a biotechnology specialist firm that aims to manufacture proteins based on gene recombination and to develop processes. The company boasts key technologies related to the designing, fermentation, and refining of recombined microbes essential for the production of high-purity proteins. It engages in developing diverse high-value-added protein materials.

The company’s key technology is innovative enough to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional protein production processes, and to simplify the multiple complicated processes, thus drastically enhancing its productivity.

  • Location : 7F GyeongGi Bio-Center, 864, Iui-Dong, Yeongtong-Gu, Suwon-City, Gyeonggi-Do
  • CEO : Charles Shin
  • Proprietary technology : Recombinant Protein Technology
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