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Writer administrator Hits 3571 2017.06.02

Samyang Group has completed its R & D center (Samyang Discovery Center) with advanced research facilities in Pangyo, Seongnam City, and held an opening ceremony in the hopes of taking a bold leap forward into becoming a global R & D company.


Chairman Yoon Kim revealed future plans in his welcome speech: “We will now take a big step closer to realizing the group's vision of a company making life more convenient. We can get to that goal now by strengthening global R & D capabilities using this Samyang Discovery Center as a stepping stone. We will also promote internal communication within the group and facilitate open innovation through collaboration with various domestic and overseas research institutes."


The ceremony was attended by about 60 guests, including key figures from the chemical, food and pharmaceutical biotechnology industry, and heads of different institutes and associations, who all celebrated the completion of the center.


Samyang Discovery Center is located in Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu and has a total floor area of 44,984 square meters with 9 floors above ground and 6 floors below ground. Approximately 400 researchers and marketing personnel in the food and pharmaceutical biotechnology divisions are working in the center in step with the strategy that the marketing division and research institute communicate closely and generate innovation synergy.


In addition, Samyang Discovery Center possesses a variety of facilities to enable internal and external communication such as special communication spaces on the corners on each floor and the Food Lab to provide hands-on experiences of Samyang products. In particular, the Food Lab for direct communication with customers is the first case of its kind in the B2B industry.


In addition to state-of-the-art research facilities, the group seeks to enhance the efficiency of employees by providing a diverse range of welfare facilities such as day care centers, fitness centers, music lounges and rooftop gardens.


Meanwhile, Samyang Group has been organizing the annual Samyang Innovation R & D Fair (SIRF), in which researchers from all business fields, such as chemicals, food, pharmaceutical biotechnology and information & electronic materials gather and share the latest news and progress in technology and development orientation as a means to pursue innovations through R & D.


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