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Samyang Biopharm USA Inc. Hires Global Anticancer Drug Experts and Begins Its Operations In Earnest Scrap Facebook Scrap Twitter Print
Writer administrator Hits 435 2019.08.05


▲ President Hyun-Jung Lee (Helen Lee) of Samyang Biopharm USA and the two global anticancer drug experts who joined Samyang Biopharm USA. From left to right: President Hyun-Jung Lee (Helen Lee), Vice President Sean D. McKenna, and Vice President Jeffrey Lange.

Samyang Biopharm USA, a global biotech subsidiary of the Samyang Group, is set to begin its operations in earnest. 


Samyang Biopharm announced on Aug. 5 that Samyang Biopharm USA, which was established in 2018, hired two global anticancer drug experts as executives and has started its operations in full swing. 


Samyang Biopharm USA is an overseas subsidiary established by Samyang Biopharm in August 2018 in Kendall Square of Boston, USA—the hub of biotechnology industry—with the goal of developing innovative anticancer drugs and orphan drugs. 


Fully taking advantage of its location, Samyang Biopharm USA is planning to increase the biopharmaceutical development speed and success rates by implementing the open innovation strategy that discovers, introduces, and develops biopharmaceutical technologies and compounds at an early time and by conducting global clinical trials on anticancer drug leads, which are researched by its head office in Korea. Located at the core of Boston’s Biotech Valley, Kendall Square is an area optimized for global open innovation that is equipped with the academic, industrial and research ecosystem, which consists of Novartis, Pfizer, Biogen, etc. centering around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 


The executives who joined Samyang Biopharm USA are Dr. Sean D. McKenna, an expert in cancer immunotherapy drug R&D, and Jeffrey Lange, former Vice President of Baxalta, who is an expert in biotech business development. 


Dr. McKenna is an authoritative figure in the fields of antibody technologies, protein engineering, immunology and oncology. He has led many development and commercialization projects for anticancer drugs that are currently used in clinical practice, including the anticancer immunotherapy drug Bavencio (Avelumab) from Merck, a global biotech firm with its headquarters in Germany. Anticancer immunotherapy drugs are referred to as the third generation drugs as the drugs activate the patient’s immune system and help immunocytes to attack cancer cells unlike the first or second anticancer drugs that target the cancer itself.


Vice President Lange is a business development expert who has successfully led multiple joint development projects and licensing contracts based on the accurate valuation of anticancer drugs. While working at Baxalta (currently Shire), which specializes in developing orphan drugs, he took the lead for two anticancer immunotherapy drug development contracts, each worth USD 1.6 billion: joint anticancer immunotherapy drug development with Symphogen and joint CAR-T cell therapy drug development with Precision BioSciences. 


President Hyun-Jung Lee (Helen Lee), who now leads Samyang Biopharm USA, is also a specialist (MD, MHCM) and expert in clinical development of anticancer drugs. Before joining Samyang Biopharm, she led the way to obtain US approval for Erbitux (Cetuximab) as the first-line treatment of head and neck cancer in Eli Lilly’s headquarters and Baxalta (currently Shire), and led the European approval and global clinical trials for Onivyde (nanoliposomal irinotecan) as the second-line treatment of pancreatic cancer. President Lee has worked as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Samyang Biopharm since 2016 before she started serving as President of Samyang Biopharm USA from 2018. 


President Lee said,“With Samyang Group’s long-term commitment to biopharmaceuticals, we have set up a subsidiary in Kendall Square and are additionally hiring global experts in clinical and licensing areas. Putting together the promptness of Kendall Square and endurance of the Samyang Group, we will unveil innovative anticancer immunotherapy drugs and orphan drugs.” 


Meanwhile, Samyang Biopharm USA has established the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with the best experts in anticancer treatment for advice in the latest anticancer technologies and future product portfolios. Currently, members of the Samyang Biopharm SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) include Professor Yung-Jue Bang of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at Seoul National University Hospital; Director Louis M. Weiner of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University, USA; and Dr. Scott J. Antonia at Duke Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, USA. 

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