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Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. will develop into a global biopharmaceutical company that realizes the enriched and healthy human life, through unceasing efforts and aggressive investments and firmly grounded on the present achievements

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Samyang Biopharmaceuticals R&D center is researching on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Using the previously acquired platform technologies, the center is actively conducting R&D, thus unveiling a variety of products.

The signature products of Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. include anti-cancer injections, pain management patches, smoking cessation adjuvant patches, anti-inflammatory patches, and biodegradable surgical sutures, all of which have been well received by our customers and highly acclaimed in the global market.

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The researchers at Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. are the experts in their fields with years of research experience in leading universities and institutes, regarding the development of new drugs and drug delivery systems.

The key researchers at Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. have contributed an average of 3.13 papers to the SCI-level international journals including Macromolecules, a figure far higher than the average of 0.3 by the researchers in other companies (Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Analysis of Science and Technology Theses,

November 2010). Furthermore, the Biomedical Research Center at Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. currently possesses over 637 registered patents, 486 of which are overseas patents. Of these, 50 key patents are being used in manufacturing products, thus generating sales. Based on these diverse patents, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp. continues to make unceasing efforts to utilize DDS and to develop enhanced new drugs.

Awards Awards

  • 1992.04
  • Science Day’s Technology R&D
    Silver-Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    Institution : Ministry of Science and Technology
    Description : Contribution to the advancement of science and technology
  • 1994.10
  • Patented Technology Award
    Institution : Korean Patent Office
    Description : Manufacture of glycolide
  • 1997.05
  • IR52 Jang Young Shil Award*
    Institution : Maeil Business Newspaper, KOITA
    Description : Bioabsorbable Surgical Suture TRISORB
  • 1999.10
  • IR52 Jang Young Shil Award*
    Institution : Maeil Business Newspaper, KOITA
    Description : Anticancer Drug Paclitaxel ‘Genexol
  • 2000.12
  • Grand Prize (Bioindustry Award) 2000**
    Institution : Korea Bio, The Korea Economic Daily
    Description : Anticancer Drug Paclitaxel ‘Genexol’
  • 2002.03
  • Patented Technology Award Chi-Seok-Young Award
    Institution : Korean Patent Office, Joongang Ilbo
    Description : Patent for Genexol-PM "Insoluble Drug Containing System
    (Patent Registration No. 0289074)“ - Acquisition date: February 14, 2001
  • 2007.02
  • The 8th Korea New Drug Award, Excellence Award
    Institution : KDRA, MEST, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    Description : Genexol-PM (Pharmaceutical agent for treating breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer)
  • * IR52 Jang Young Shil Award : IR stands for Industrial Research, and 52 refers to 52 weeks (of a year). Jang Young Shil was a renowned scientist who lived in the early Joseon Dynasty. Each week of the 52 weeks, one excellent product is selected and awarded in Korea.
  • ** Grand Prize of Bioindustry Award : This is an award with the aim to emphasize the Bioindustry, the 21st century’s promising industry, and to promote diverse technological developments and industrialization

Other Achievements Other Achievements

Since its launching, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp., was selected as a ‘Designated Technical Research Personnel Company’ in October 2012, as well as an ‘Korea Innovative Pharmaceutical Company’ in June 2013. In June 2015, the company achieved the extension of the certification as the ‘Korea Innovative Pharmaceutical Company’.’ In October 2016, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals R&D center was selected as the ‘ATC (Advanced Technology Center),’ a core technology research fund granted to the affiliated laboratories at small to medium sized corporations with high potential, in order to promote global-standard products and research competence.