Biomedicine Research Center

Biomedicine Research Center Landscape

In line with the Group’s motto of “Ingredients that Add Value to Life,” the company has set a vision: to achieve solid growth by 2015; to secure drastic future-growth platforms in the new-business area; and to achieve a CAGR of over 20%. The company is endeavoring to leap forward towards becoming a global R&D-innovative company.

Towards such ends, to diversify our existing pipelines, improve our profitability, expand our operations, and become an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company, the center has set and is implementing the strategic task of constructing oncology specialty systems Samyang Biopharm, based on its long-accumulated key capabilities, vows to concentrate all its efforts on the biotechnology and sophisticated basic-materials areas.


Pharmaceuticals research is largely devoted to improving the effectiveness of
drug delivery systems (DDS). Success has already been met in the area of
analgesic transdermal patch for cancer patients, anti-emestic transdermal patch,
anti-inflammation, transdermal patch, patches for smoking cessation,
and anti-rheumatoid arthritis transdermal patch, and recently the center developed
an oral colitis treatment that affects only specific areas of the body.

Genexol, an anti-cancer compound that greatly reduces the side-effects of previous
anti-cancer compounds, was developed by the Samyang Central R&D, and now various
soluble technique for insoluble drugs is being exported to pharmaceutical companies
overseas. Samyang has become the first to put this novel drug delivery system to animal testing
as it does everything possible to assure the safe application of its technology.

Medical Devices

Absorbable surgical sutures (Surgisorb, Monosorb and Neosorb) and implantable
bioabsorbable dental mesh(BioMesh) which do not require procedure to be taken
out after application are representative medical devices developed and
commercialized by Samyang. Samyang has also developed new surgical sutures
that are more flexible and sutures that provide superior knot security.
The woven partial absorbable hernia mesh, ORC based hemostat and sealants
represent newly developed and commercialized functional medical devices by Samyang.
Samyang is working upon more advanced pipe line of future products such as implantable
meshes, bioabsorbable vascular stents and devices to promote tissue repair.