Through the strategies of constructing oncology specialty systems and a DDS specialist research center, we are exerting every effort to implement innovative models. In addition, we are endeavoring to meet the diverse customer, market, and technical needs. Thus, since recently, we have been transferring our drug technologies to a number of our leading clients in South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. As such, we are creating visible achievements.

  • Product Launch

    Samyang Biopharm’s Biomedicine Research Center is researching on medicines and medical devices. Using its existing platform technologies, it is actively conducting R&D, thus unveiling a variety of products.

    Our typical products by division include anti-cancer injections, pain management patches, smoking cessation adjuvant patches, anti-inflammatory patches, and biodegradable surgical sutures. These attract our customers in the market and are acclaimed.

  • Patent

    We are staffed with researchers who possess years of research experience in leading universities and research institutes as well as ample experience in the development of drug delivery technologies and new drugs in certain areas.

    In addition, our key researchers have contributed an average of 3.13 papers to SCI-level overseas journals, including Macromolecules, far higher than the average of 0.3 SCI-level paper per researcher in other companies (Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Analysis of Science and Technology theses, November 2010).

    Furthermore, our Biomedicine Research Center possesses a hefty 637 registered patents, 486 of which are overseas patents. Of these, 50 key patents are being used in manufacturing products, thus generating sales. Based on these diverse patents, the center is making all-out efforts to utilize DDS and to develop improved new drugs.

  • Awards

    Samyang Biopharm’s Biomedicine Research Center was reestablished in November 2011 from Samyang Comprehensive Research Center, which was established in 1979.

    The center received a Gold Medal Order for its outstanding technology development in January 1986. In April, 1992, on Science Day, it won a Silver Medal Order in the technology development category. In May 1997, it won Jang Yeong-sil Science Award for its biodegradable surgical suture Trisob.

    In addition, after Samyang Biopharm was spun off from its parent company, it was selected as a specialist research firm in October 2012. In June 2012, it was selected as an innovative pharmaceutical company.