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Oral_BA Oral_BA

Technical Overview Technical Overview

It is a technology to improve the solubility of drug by preparing insoluble drug with solubilizing polymer as solid dispersion to improve bioavailability when taken orally.

Crystalline drug + solubilized polymer

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Excellent solubilization effect
  • Incredibly effective improvement of bioavailability
  • Applicability to various drugs
  • Applied product: SYO-1644

Oral_FDT Oral_FDT

Technical Overview Technical Overview

  • Highly plastic granules are prepared by wet granulation using porous materials, water penetration enhancers and binders and compressed at low pressures to obtain Frosta® fast dissolving talbets. Frosta® fast dissolving tablets rapidly are disintegrated by saliva on the tongue and can be taken without water.
  • Frosta® fast dissolving tablet is a technology developed in collaboration with Akina, USA. It can be used to prepare wet granules containing drug in pre-mixing, and also to put in the form of drug particles in post-mixing if necessary. It is possible to apply tast-masked, sustained release, and enderic coated microparticle to Frosta® fast dissolving tablet.
Oral_FDT Image

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Rapid disintegration by saliva on the tongue
  • Outstanding physical strength (high hardness and low wear loss)
  • Masking of the bitter taste
  • Applicability to various drugs
  • Subject: Pediatric, the elderly, patients who have difficulty in swallowing tablets, patients with limited water intake, travelers, lay patients, etc.
  • Applied product: Emestop oral disintegrating tablet


Technical Overview Technical Overview

A drug delivery technology in which tablets are coated with a special coating that is disintegrated by bacteria in the intestines. When the drug is delivered to the stomach and small intestine it releases no drug at all and is specifically released only when it reaches the large intestine. Unlike the commonly used pH dependent colonic transporter or time dependent system, it can deliver the drug to the large intestine without any individual deviation.

Oral_CSDS 이미지

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Narrow object variation of colon delivery Reduced side effects and improved stability due to the specific drug release in the large intestine
  • Reduced side effects and improved stability due to the specific drug release in the large intestine
  • Applicable to peptide drugs
  • Manufacturable with conventional manufacturing facilities
  • Applied product: Prednisolone CSDS

Biodegradable Polymer Biodegradable Polymer

Biodegradable polymers and bio-implantable devices are being developed based on medical aliphatic polyesters degraded and absorbed in the body after a certain period of time after surgery.

The major technology of Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp.in relation to biodegradable polymers is to synthesize polymers from lactone monomers (glycolide, lactide, p-dioxanone, etc.) with various composition and uniform molecular weights according to the strength and degradation period. Also, high strength surgical sutures, surgical meshes, orthopedic implants, and bioabsorbable stents can be manufactured through the precise control of the processed polymer.

In particular, it is possible to synthesize polymers with an ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW), which can be used as the base material of high-strength biodegradable surgical devices

Cyclic ester monomer Medical biodegradable polyester utilizing product