About Patches

Transdermal drug delivery systems, simply called the patches, are novel pharmaceutical formulations for the delivery of drugs upon application to the skin. By nature the patches are expected to provide sustained delivery of drugs for defined period.

Samyag Biopharm's patches cover broad range of indications: smoke cessation, local rheumatic pain, asthma, dementia, cancer related pain, and so on.

Strengths of Patches

  • Relatively free from side effect.
  • The medication is delivered to the body at a certain speed, allowing its efficacy to continue until a certain time.
  • Can be administered to patients who have difficulty taking drugs orally
  • As the medication is absorbed by the blood vessels through the skin and not via liver metabolism, even a small dosage
    (under one-tenth of the orally taken volume) can deliver the same efficacy without side effects.
  • Speedily produces expected therapeutic effect.
  • Can easily stop the administration of drugs by removal from skin.

Types of Patches

Reservoir Type

The reservoir type is applied chiefly to drugs whose administration volume is big, thus making it difficult to develop a matrix type. Reservoir type of patches are designed to separate the medication storage layer and the release control membrane, thus allowing the medication to be released at a certain speed for a certain time.

Matrix Type

The matrix type patches are designed to allow the medication to be uniformly dissolved or distributed in the thin matrix. Matrix type of patches generally causes less skin sensitization compared to the reservoir type
(e.g., Nicostop patch, Angiderm patch).