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Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division Promotes “Croquis” With Global SAB Scrap Facebook Scrap Twitter Print
Writer administrator Hits 1914 2021.08.23

- Recruitment of a Swedish plastic surgeon to the SAB to give presentations in global cosmetic surgery conferences and conduct advisory activities

- Presentation of the efficacy and safety of Croquis at a cosmetic surgery conference in September

- Expansion of the overseas business base with data-based academic marketing activities through collaboration with global health professionals




▲ Dr. Fredrick Berne, a plastic surgeon from Sweden Dr. Berne will officially start working as a member of Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division’s SAB starting in September.



Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division has added a global health professional to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to promote the safety and efficacy of Croquis worldwide. Croquis is a face-lift thread brand of Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division.


Samyang Holdings (CEO: Eom Tae-woong) announced on August 18 that the company recruited Dr. Fredrick Berne, a plastic surgeon from Sweden, to its SAB.


Dr. Berne has worked as a researcher and advisor for global aesthetic companies based on his extensive experience in cosmetic facial procedures and plastic surgery. He also serves as a advisor for major cosmetic surgery societies, including the one of the world’s top three International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS). With Dr. Berne on the SAB, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division now has a total of five cosmetic and plastic surgeons—three international and two domestic.


Dr. Berne will begin his official activities as a member of the SAB with a presentation in the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) to show clinical cases demonstrating the efficacy and safety of Croquis and suggesting effective procedure techniques. In addition, he will conduct research together to obtain clinical cases from overseas and develop a standard procedure technique which can improve the effect of Croquis, and serve as a speaker in academic webinars, introducing and demonstrating Croquis-based techniques.


An official from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division said, “To target global markets, it is necessary to obtain various cases with different procedures applied to different races for medical devices like face-lift threads as different races have different anatomical features, such as facial and bone structures, and cosmetic effects vary depending on race. Collaboration with health professionals recognized around the world will serve as a good opportunity to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of Croquis.”


Meanwhile, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division will continue to promote Croquis to international plastic surgeons through a variety of contractless academic marketing activities. In the first half of the year, the company participated in the International Seminar & Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine (IMCAS I-SWAM) and shared the latest Croquis-based face-lift procedure online. Samyang Holdings will focus on strengthening academic marketing through webinars with different countries, and promoting a safe and effective procedure for Croquis.


In addition, Croquis overcame disadvantages as a latecomer with data-oriented and evidence-based marketing, and is earning trust in global aesthetic medicine markets. While traditional aesthetic thread brands only compare and emphasize preoperative and postoperative effects, Croquis aims for evidence-based marketing and is making its best effort to obtain various data to prove a correlation between operative effects by parts of the face and the thread’s physical properties together with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the US, France and Spain.

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