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Samyang Biopharm USA and Spanish National Research Council to Conduct Joint Research on Mechanism of New Drug Candidates Scrap Facebook Scrap Twitter Print
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- Joint research on the mechanism of NK cell activation of SYB-010, an immunotherapy drug candidate
- Activation of NK cells activation by binding MIC-A/B and exosomes containing MIC-A/B
- Confirmation of immuno-oncology effects through animal experiments, such as increased survival rate, and reduction of tumor growth and metastasis


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Samyang Biopharm USA continues to pursue open innovation to develop new immunotherapy drugs.


Samyang Biopharm USA (CEO: Hyun-Jung Helen Lee) announced on September 1 that it has concluded a joint research contract with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) to investigate the mechanism of action of SYB-010, an immunotherapy drug candidate under study. CSIC is the largest public research institute in Spain.


Through this joint research, Samyang Biopharm USA and CSIC is scheduled to confirm the mechanism by which SYB-010 treats cancer by activating NK cells. The research team found that SYB-010 not only activates NK cells, but also binds to MIC (MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence) A and B isolated from the surface of cancer cells. It is also expected to bind with MIC-A/B contained in exosomes that are released by cancer cells (nano-unit small cells that plays the role of intercellular signal communication).


MIC-A/B on the surface of cancer cells act as indicators for NK cells, cells of our innate immune system, to recognize cancer. When NK cells recognize MIC-A/B and exosomes separated from cancer cells as cancer and attacks them, the immune action against cancer cells is weakened. When SYB-010 blocks these interfering substances, NK cells recognize the cancer more accurately and attacks the cancer. NK cells are immune cells that destroy abnormal cells, such as virus-infected cells or cancer cells.


CEO Hyun-Jung Helen Lee of Samyang Biopharm USA stated that “SYB-010 has great potential to be developed as a new immunotherapy drug,” and affirmed that “the research collaboration with CSIC, who has extensive clinical trial experience, will be a great opportunity to validate the potential of SYB-010.”


Drs. Valés-Gómez and Reyburn of CSIC Immunology and Oncology Research Group agreed that “this is an important study that will help improve our overall understanding of cell receptors and the ligands that bind to them,” and was optimistic that “through this joint research, we hope that SYB-010 can be developed as a new immunotherapy drug.”


Dr. Sean McKenna, principal investigator of Samyang Biopharm USA stated that “CSIC has various experiences in analyzing the immunomodulatory effects of antibodies based on its specialized scientific technology,” and added that “through this joint research, we will develop an effective and safe immunotherapy drug by clearly identifying the anticancer mechanism of SYB-010.”


SYB-010 is a monoclonal antibody artificially made to bind to a specific protein. As a result of administering SYB-010 in an animal tumor model, SYB-010 was successful in binding to the MIC (sMIC) separated from cancer cells to activate the NK cells and significantly reduce tumor growth. The animal tumor model showed a clear anticancer immune effect, such as reducing the metastasis of cancer and increasing the survival rate. Samyang Biopharm USA was introduced to SYB-010 by CanCure of the United States in 2019 and secured exclusive rights to the global development, manufacture and commercialization of this substance. Currently, study is being conducted with the goal of obtaining IND approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2022.


At present, Samyang Biopharm USA also signed a three-year research cooperation agreement with Dr. Hyun-Sung Lee of Baylor School of Medicine to investigate the association between sMIC expression and sMIC expression in patients who do not show therapeutic effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors. Samyang Biopharm USA, through research with Dr. Lee, was able to confirm the usage method of sMIC to identify patients who do not show therapeutic effect of existing immune checkpoint inhibitors. Thus, Samyang Biopharm USA strives to use SYB-010 to overcome the limitations of immune checkpoint inhibitors where only partial patients respond to treatment.


Samyang Biopharm USA is an overseas corporation of Samyang Holdings established in the center of the global bio industry at Kendall Square, Boston in August 2018 with the goal of developing innovative oncology drugs and rare disease treatments. Samyang Biopharm USA intends to increase the speed and success rate of biopharmaceutical development by conducting global clinical trials of new oncology drug candidates studied by the headquarters in Korea through the implementation of the open innovation strategy, that aims to introduce and develop new biopharmaceutical technologies and materials at an early stage by making the most of the location. Currently, the company continues to search for new drug candidates targeting immunotherapy and rare disease treatments.


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