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Oncology Sales Team

Job Description

The Oncology Sales Team, launched on
December 1, 2011, engages in selling the company’s
anti-cancer drugs domestically.

Samyang Biopharm possesses expertise in the proprietary drug delivery systems, such as PM (polymeric micelle) and PNP (polymeric nanoparticle), and using these technologies, produces and sells anti-cancer drugs.
The team vows to supply the best anticancer drugs.

Product Overview

  • Emestop® Injection/ orally disintegrating tablet : anti-nauseant
  • Zolnenic® Injection : Bone metastases drug
  • Nanoxel® M Injection : Breast, non-small-cell lung, prostate, ovarian, gastric, and esophageal cancer drug
  • Fentaderm® Patch : Cancer pain drug