Beautiful Sharing, Healthy Green Loving,Enriched Coexistence Beautiful Sharing, Healthy Green Loving,Enriched Coexistence

The long history of Samyang has ensured that the company takes responsibility in looking after our neighbors and the natural environment by contributing to the development of the local community and implementing scholarship and cultural programs as well as promoting academic research. The corporate social responsibility of Samyang is fulfilled by all officers, staff members and their family as they share time with the underprivileged people of the community through diverse volunteer activities including ‘Beautiful Parcel Sharing,’ ‘Gift of Love Blood Donation,’ ‘Gift of Love Home Repair,’ and ‘Gift of Love Briquette Delivery.’

For the preservation of our environment, Samyang has been holding the ‘Nature Love and Green Heart Writing & Drawing Festival’ since 1996. It is a festival of more than 10,000 students and parents in the area of Jeonju, and the event has received much acclaim for having successfully led the company and the community together to reflect on the values of our natural environment. Furthermore, the corporate workplaces across the nation have each been actively pursuing various activities such as ‘One Company One River Purification’ and ‘One Company One Mountain Afforestation’ as well as setting up an affiliation of ‘One Company One Village’ with the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation in order to select a village in the vicinity of the company and promote an enriched and balanced growth of both the company and the village.

Beautiful Sharing
Beautiful Parcel Sharing Gift of Love Blood Donation Gift of Love House Repair Gift of Love Briquette Delivery
Healthy Green Loving
Nature Love and Green Heart Writing & Drawing Festival
Enriched Coexistence
One Company One River Purification,One Company One Mountain Afforestation,One Company One Village Affiliation

Positive Talent Training and Sharing Positive Talent Training and Sharing

The country’s first private scholarship foundation, Yangyoung Foundation, was established by the founder of Samyang, Chairman Kim Yeon-su, and in 1968, Sudang Foundation was established to expand the company’s scholarship program. Sudang Foundation, in particular, has been granting the annual Sudang Prize, a 100 million KRW prize, to the talented personnel who has proven excellence in the field of natural science, applied science, humanities and social science. The award was established in 2006 to honour the founder’s spirit of benefiting the nation by fostering industries and nurturing talented individuals.