Samyang value Samyang value

삼양가치는 모든 삼양인이 공유해야하는 사고 방식 및 행동의 기준으로서 신뢰, 도전, 인재, 고객중심의 여섯 가지 가치와 그에 따른 행동규범으로 구성되어 있으며 다음과 같은 의미를 지닙니다. 삼양가치는 모든 삼양인이 공유해야하는 사고 방식 및 행동의 기준으로서 신뢰, 도전, 인재, 고객중심의 여섯 가지 가치와 그에 따른 행동규범으로 구성되어 있으며 다음과 같은 의미를 지닙니다.

신뢰 신뢰

Samyang employees respect one another, operate with transparency and contribute to local communities, earning the trust of customers and the general public.

  • - Have an open mind to recognize individual diversities and respect one another.
  • - Observe social norms and compete fairly.
  • - Share business information effectively with employees.
  • - Behave consistently according to principles.
도전 도전

Confident, proud and enterprising, Samyang people are willing to challenge themselves toward new businesses with the determination to succeed.

  • - Try to achieve success with confidence.
  • - Learn from both success and failure.
  • - Accomplish duties with the passion to become the top player.
  • - Make prudent decisions, but act with haste.
혁신 혁신

Through productive and critical thinking and constant improvement activities, we strive to secure product and service competitiveness to lead markets.

  • - Seek new methods beyond practices.
  • - Change ourselves for the better ahead of others.
  • - Find out problems and continue to address them by discovering the causes.
  • - Accept and encourage creative thoughts and ideas.
인재 인재

Competitiveness starts with people, and Samyang is constantly recruiting and fostering top talents, Employees are encouraged to develop themselves constantly and grow with the company.

  • - Have a vision in line with the company goals.
  • - Develop ourselves voluntarily to become the top player.
  • - Share professional capabilities with one another and create synergies.
  • - Continue to explore and foster talents.
고객중심 고객중심

Recognize our customers as the key to our business growth and provide differentiated values, delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • - Think and work from the perspective of customers.
  • - Gather customer needs on which to base our decisions.
  • - Endeavor to look for creative solutions to issues raised by customers.
  • - Develop capabilities to rapidly respond to customer needs.
성과중심 성과중심

Samyang employees do their best to achieve corporate objectives. In return, the company provides fair appraisal and differentiated rewards to its employees accordingly.

  • - Push towards solid achievements and do our best until goals are fulfilled.
  • - Strengthen our power of execution to enhance corporate achievements.
  • - Evaluators assess employees' performance objectively and rationally.
  • - Outstanding achievers will naturally be provided great rewards and recognition.