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Open Innovation Open Innovation

Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division seeks innovative technologies through 'Open Innovation'. To realize our mission, we are counting on many talented minds leading research in industry, academia. Through these collaborations, we will continue our efforts to expand our R&D capabilities and to collectively introduce cutting-edge technologies.

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라이선스 아웃 (Out-Licensing) 라이선스 아웃 (Out-Licensing)

Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division has developed a unique drug delivery technology capable of delivering nucleic acids such as siRNA, mRNA and viruses. Currently, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceutical is seeking partners for technology transfer or joint development.

라이선스 인 (In-Licensing) 라이선스 인 (In-Licensing)

Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division is interested in developing unique technologies and products for the treatment of cancer. Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division is open to various cooperation models such as joint research, commissioned research, technology transfer, investment, joint venture, and M&A to facilitate success in diverse forms of partnership.

Collaboration Collaboration

Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division seeks active collaboration with specialized CROs, CMOs, and consultants with competence and experience in various technologies and pre-clinical, manufacture and clinical research.

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