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Samyang’s novel lipid-polymer nanoparticle platform SENS™ (Stability Enhanced Nano Shell) employs proprietary cationic lipids and polymers. Through the combination of components and their composition, SENS™ can be tailored for diverse therapeutic applications. The delivery technology has been applied to diverse types of cargo, including nucleic acids (siRNA, mRNA, or pDNA) and adenovirus.

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  • mSENS™ drug delivery platform helps overcome mRNA instability and facilitates mRNA cellular uptake.
  • Through the combination of components and their composition, mSENS™ can selectively deliver mRNA to different organs upon systemic administration, including extrahepatic organs, such as spleen and lungs. Local administration formulations that ensure intramuscular and intranasal delivery are in development for vaccines.
  • A library of SENS™ is in development for diverse therapeutic applications.
mSENS™ 이미지

Biodegradable Polymer Biodegradable Polymer

Medical aliphatic polyester based biodegradable polymers and bio-implantable devices that are degraded and absorbed in the body after a certain period of time after surgery are in development.

Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division aims to generate various biodegradable polymers with different strengths and degradation periods. The major technology synthesizes polymers from lactone monomers (glycolide, lactide, p-dioxanone, etc.) with various composition and uniform molecular weights. High strength surgical sutures, surgical meshes, orthopedic implants, and bioabsorbable stents can be manufactured through precision application processing of the polymer.

In particular, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division has the capability to synthesize polymers with an ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW), which can be used as the base material of high-strength biodegradable surgical devices.

Cyclic ester monomer Medical biodegradable polyester utilizing product