Monosorb® Plus Monosorb® Plus

ISO 13485

Certified Quality System

Synthetic Absorbable PDO Mono lament Suture material Antibacterial agent contained suture Non-sterile bulk strand

Indication Indication

Strand for further processing to finished sterilized sutures for human and veterinary use

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Compliance with the requirements of EP
  • Lower Incidence of Infection and Trauma due to Smooth Surface
  • Smooth tissue passage
  • Predictable loss and Higher strength compared to Catgut

Specifications & Package Specifications & Package

Size Color & Packaging Length Coating Materials
USP Metric 500m 1,000m
2 5
Blue Dot


1 4
Blue Dot
1-0 3.5
Blue Dot
2-0 3
Blue Dot
3-0 2
Blue Dot
4-0 1.5
Blue Dot
5-0 1
Blue Dot