InterGuard® InterGuard®

ISO 13485

Certified Quality System

Absorbable knitted fabric composed by ORC (Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose) Non-sterile/ Sterile

Indication Indication

Reducing the incidence of postoperative adhesions

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose is proved by FDA as anti-adhesion material
  • Plant–based product with minimal tissue reaction
  • Serves a solid synthetic membrane to physically separate tissues and organs during healing. Suitable to wrap organs
  • Process of gelation starts within several days after implantation with the following complete degradation and absorption at 4 weeks

Specifications & Package Specifications & Package

Size (cm) Packaging Unit
Non-Sterile Bulk Material Sterile Finished, Packaged Product
7.5 X 10 20pcs/Pouch 10pcs/Carton
12.5 X 15 20pcs/Pouch 10pcs/Carton