Q-GuardTM Topical Hemostatic Dressing Q-GuardTM Topical Hemostatic Dressing

Description Description

This product is a type of gauze containing kaolin. It is used for local hemostasis to support hemostatic compression or physical pressure on the wound, and there is a blue X-ray detectable line. When the injured area is pressed, this product absorbs the blood to help hemostasis. Through this principle, this product is used for the management of hemorrhage on local wound, such as percutaneous puncture, by applying physical pressure to it.

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Indication Indication

It can be used to manage hemorrhage by applying physical pressure to local puncture, laceration and abrasion. It can also be used as a temporary treatment for surgical wound during and after dermatological surgery

Specifications & Package Specifications & Package

Type Code Size Packing unit
Z-Fold DMIH201 7.6cm x 3.7m (57-Ply, 7.6cm x 6.3cm) 10
2X2 DMIH202 10cm x 15 cm (6-Ply, 5cm(2inch) x 5cm(2inch)) 10
4X4 DMIH203 20cm x 20 cm (4-Ply, 10cm(4inch) x 10cm(4inch)) 10