The world’s number one producer of surgical sutures, exporting to the U.S., Europe, Middle East and East Asian markets, after having succeeded in the independent development of the biodegradable surgical sutures

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In 1996, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division has succeeded in the self-development of synthetic absorbable surgical suture material for the first time in Korea and third time in the global. We are the No.1 surgical suture company that has succeeded in product exportation to the global markets, including the U.S, Europe, Middle East and East Asian markets as a result of continuous investment in R&D and global quality system. Not only that but also we produce and market loop-type absorbable sutures for endoscopic use, which is optimized for absorbable hemostatic as well as MIS (Minimally invasive surgery), absorbable dental implant materials, and partially-absorbable lightweight mesh for hernia, while pursuing a world-class quality.
In the future, we will expand to develop a diverse range of medical products, using biodegradable materials. Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division is certified by ISO 13485 and KGMP and has been evaluated to have the highest quality management system in customer survey in the U.S and Europe.
We are looking forward to continuing to grow as a differentiated medical device company that grows together with customers through continuous investment in R&D, strengthening the quality system, and improving ourselves through innovation.