We develop innovative delivery
technologies that can be employed
for various gene therapeutics.

Stability Enhanced Nano Shell
for Tissue-selective Delivery

DDS that protects and delivers nucleic acids with superior stability and tissue-selectivity

What is SENS™ Platform?

SENS™ is Samyang’s proprietary gene delivery technology that uses novel cationic lipids and biodegradable polymers.

The cationic lipids discovered by Samyang protect the nucleic acid effectively and provide tissue selectivity. Biodegradable polymer components provide structural stability of the nanoparticle for blood circulation and ensure a high level of safety.

Samyang offers diverse DDS solutions through a library of novel components and formulations.

Goals and Development Strategy
  • Team of Experts

    Decades of experience in biodegradable polymer production and process development
  • Novel Compounds

    Discovery of new compounds through rational design and AI-driven analytics/databases
  • Formulation Development

    Formulation development and production
  • Gene Therapy

    Development of RNA therapeutics through partnership
  • Based on 30+ years of R&D experience in drug delivery system, we are accelerating the development of our gene delivery technology, SENS™

  • We supply compounds with high gene-delivery efficiency and safety.

  • We offer a library of tissue-selective formulation and production/process development technologies.

  • Samyang’s SENS™ will continue to advance and become the core technology leading the global gene therapy market, contributing to improving human health worldwide.


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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